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Theme song

2007-11-04 11:56:14 by whome250

I just posted a 1 minute-long theme song that my friend and I pulled together for another friend of ours. I offered to write him a theme song for a flash he was putting together. It was an attempt at a viral ad campaign. The artist who made the cartoon isn't that great, and only used about 20 seconds of the song.

But seriously,

If you happen to be a flash artist, consider using it during an opening scene. It was made for exactly that. I want traffic to my songs. I need the self-esteem boost.


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2007-11-04 14:05:37

I would love to have a theme song in one of my flashes, but if I use this one and other people use it, it would be sort of dumb. Think of watching South Park and then you change the channel to watch The Simpsons and they share the same song, then you flip to Family Guy and it has the same theme song too. I do love the song though.

whome250 responds:

Don't be silly, Family Guy and The Simpsons make money so they can hire people to write music. Anyway, the cartoon it was used in didnt use the whole song and was probably only viewed by 50 people.

But seriously, good point.


2007-11-04 14:10:31

I just checked out all your stuff. It's really great.
I especially liked Generic Feel-Good Song.
I'm looking for tunes for a 'toon that I'm working on at the moment and I might have a place for your Theme song.
I'll send you a PM if I can get it to fit.

Voted 5 on all three songs!

All the best!

whome250 responds:

Thanks for the 5's, cartoons are cool, I guess.


2007-11-04 14:54:35


whome250 responds: